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12 year old makeup artist buys herself a BMW

A 12-year-old Thai girl is living large due to her makeup skills. Nathanan is a social media make up artist who has garnered over 800,000 followers on Facebook and over 34,000 followers on Instagram. The little girl from Thailand became famous when she studied to be a professional makeup artist by the age of seven, reports World Of Buzz. Since then, she went viral and the BBC did a feature about her.

After she went viral, she worked professionally as a makeup artist at London Fashion Week 2018, where she beautified the models. All this before she turned 12 years old. Now that she’s turning 12, she took the money she made and bought herself a brand new BMW for her birthday.


In her Facebook post, translated by World Of Buzz, she wrote, “Happy birthday to me. I will be 12 years old this year. I am very grateful for everything I have so far and I’m thankful to my fans for supporting me. Thanks for all the well wishes, I wish everyone the same as well!”

An odd choice for a present considering she’s a kid and can’t legally drive the vehicle, but I love her flex. She bought a car that most people can’t afford and she did it at only 12 years old. Granted, she doesn’t have to worry about paying the mortgage, buying food, or insurance, but her accomplishment is still amazing.


And so what if Nathanan can’t drive, it doesn’t mean she can’t roll around in the car. She could get her parents to drive her around in that sweet car to and from school or anywhere else she chooses.

With some effort and some luck, she got paid for pursuing her passion. From early on she knew what she wanted to do and she became a makeup artist. Normally, I would hate on anyone younger than me that seems to be more successful, but I’m having a hard time hating this girl. So congratulations to this girl for getting that money.

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