Richard Liu Rape

21 Year Old Chinese Student Alleges Chinese Billionaire Richard Liu Raped Her

Back in late August of this year, Richard Liu was arrested for suspicions of sexual assault in the United States. The Chinese Billionaire and founder of had been staying in Minnesota when the alleged incident happened. The details were murky but it was alleged that he raped a Chinese student who was attending the same school as he was.

Now, the Daily Mail has gotten a hold of text messages the 21-year-old Chinese student sent to friends during the ordeal. The 21-year-old Chinese student confirms through her attorney, Wil Florin, that she attended dinner with Liu on the night of the alleged rape. Her attorney says that Richard kept coercing her to drink alcohol at the dinner. After the dinner, the student claims that Richard dragged her into a car and made advances toward her.

“I begged him to stop but he didn’t listen,” one text message read. She alleges he followed her into her apartment and tried to rip off her clothes. She told investigators she tried to escape and put her clothes on but he manhandled her and raped her.

“I didn’t do it willingly. I want to escape,” she texted her friend in Mandarin.

“How could I know that Qiangdong Liu would come to mess with me. I’m just a normal girl. I’m not eyeing anyone’s deep pocket. I repeatedly begged him not to touch me.”

After the rape, she used WeChat to text friends about her ordeal and to see if she should report it.

“We were battling against each other on the bed and finally I escaped from him and went back to the living room and put the bra back on again,” she told investigators. “Finally he just threw me onto the bed. He was on me. He was heavy. I tried to push him away. But he was on top of me and then he raped me. He is going to exercise his power. You underestimate him.”

The 21-year-old Chinese student called a male friend that accompanied her that night. She told him what happened, and he came over to her place and they called the police. Richard was then arrested.

Richard Liu was released by the Minnesota police and free to travel back to China. His lawyers maintain his innocence and said that Richard has been cooperating with police.

Minnesota’s¬†authorities are still investigating the case. They haven’t decided if they are going to go ahead and charge Richard Liu of sexual assault.

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