2nd Most Famous Buddhist Monk Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Sogyal Rinpoche, 71, is the second most famous Buddhist monk only behind the Dalai Lama. He wrote the bestselling book “The Tibetan Book of Living And Dying” which sold over three million copies. Rinpoche was the leader of the Rigpa organization that has 130 Buddhist centers across 30 countries. Rinpoche stepped down from his leadership position after allegations of sexual abuse became public. The Daily Mail reports Rigpa, with the help of law firm Lewis Silkin, underwent an investigation and found that Rinpoche committed, “serious physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.” 

Sogyal Rinpoche

Tibetan Sogyal Rinpoche was a man who loved power and fame. His favorite movie was “The Godfather” and at times he would turn the volume off and start doing the dialogue. He liked to be driven around in a Mercedes Benz, drink fine wine, and smoke fancy Cuban cigars. He loved young women and used his power to create a “harem” of young women he called “Dakinis” or angels. The women believed he was a demigod.

Sogyal Rinpoche

One ex-follower told the Sun, “Sogyal and the girls thought everything that went into him and came out of him was holy. So the girls wiped his a** for him. He liked to have work gatherings while he took a s*** with the door open. He also chewed his food then exchanged it with a kiss to the girls.”

Another follower said, “Sogyal is part-tyrant and part-spoiled child. He seems to be addicted to sex, food, smoking, and hitting.”

One ex-follower, Mimi, in a documentary called “In the Name of Enlightenment” recalled that two months after she began working for him he asked her to undress. She did as she was told thinking it was to show her “devotion” and that’s when he had unprotected sex with her. He told her, “Look into my eyes, this is the moment you connect with your master.”

Sogyal Rinpoche
In the Name Of Enlightenment

Mimi believed at the time as did his followers, “if he beats you or has sex with you, he’s actually opening your path to enlightenment.”

Since a letter written by his inner circle leaked online last year Sogyal Rinpoche has resigned from his positions and has been disowned by the Dalai Lama.

Rinpoche has written a letter to the law firm Lewis Silkin saying, “Whatever I have said or done when interacting with my students has been with the aim of helping them to awaken their true inner nature. Nonetheless, I see this intention has been misunderstood any my actions have been judged otherwise. For some, this way of training may not have had the desired outcome. I must accept my own responsibility in this, and apologize to anyone who feels this way.”

First of all, I didn’t even know there was a second most famous Buddhist monk. I thought it was just Dalai Lamai and that’s it. Second, what’s with these guys being such s****y people once they get some power. I thought Harvey Weinstein masturbating on a plant while he made a frightened girl watch was bad but what this guy did was the ultimate power trip. He made people watch him take a massive dump and then wipe his a**. That’s just next level s***. And the worst part is he probably believed he was doing his followers the favor.

That’s why religion and power stinks, most people can’t be good people when presented with that much power. Finally, if you’re a Buddhist follower and you see a guy chug Puff Daddy’s Ciroc vodka while smoking a fat cigar in a Mercedes Benz wouldn’t that set of some signal that the spiritual guide you’re following is full of it. Doesn’t Buddhism got that no materialism thing going for it?

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