Yi Chen Cheng
NY Post

41 Year Old Teacher Yi Chen Cheng Falls In Love With 11 Year Old Student

New York music Teacher Yi Chen Cheng has been fired from her position at PS 1 Courlandt school in the Bronx after some disturbing allegations. The teacher is accused of having a text message affair with an 11-year-old male student she called her “boyfriend.” The 41-year-old teacher and the student allegedly exchanged more than 500 texts since June 2017. Cheng had worked for the school for 16 years.

Yi Chen Cheng
NY Post

“As long as without sex, I think its(sic) legal,” Cheng told a friend over Facebook. According to investigators, Cheng told the 11-year-old, “I love you” and that she was jealous of his girlfriends. Cheng bought the student a cell phone where they exchanged 563 texts and engaged in video chats reports the New York Post. They talked about basketball, going to the mall, and dating.

Investigators were able to find a trove of messages after Cheng’s estranged husband, who has a 5-year-old child with her, gave them access to her Facebook password.

“Don’t use me as a bargaining chip for your gf [girlfriend]. This is the second time that you are telling everyone what I told you. Do you think it’s a joke. Or you think I am a joke? You hurt me again. And this is what you should tell everyone from now, including your gf: I don’t love you, I don’t. Goodnight,” Cheng allegedly wrote in June 2017.

“Woos first I ain’t tell anybody about u. …,” the student replied.

Cheng replied back, “I feel you are using me to get her jealous. And that hurts because you care about her feelings more than my feeling. And don’t you know how much I love you through everything?”

Cheng told a friend that she, “fell for someone that [she] shouldn’t fall for. [M]aybe because we are meant to be … we know what each other wants without even saying a word … we don’t even fight. … I feel connected to him.”

The boy denied any kind of sexual involvement with Yi Chen Cheng. One disciplinary hearing officer, Timothy Taylor, called her conduct, “particularly shocking.”

The police have decided not to press any charges. She now works for the Piano School of NYC in Manhattan. Yi Chen Cheng gives home lesson but with the presence of an adult.

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