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76 year old deaf woman claims Alameda County sherrifs’ roughed her up

A 76-year-old woman sues cops for a violent encounter that left her with permanent brain damage

A 76-year-old deaf woman is suing the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office for excessive force during an arrest according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The 76-year-old woman who’s named Hui Jie Jin claims she was roughed up during an alleged jaywalking incident that left her unconscious. She’s seeking an unknown amount in damages and retraining of officers to better deal with deaf people.

All this over a Jaywalking ticket

The incident happened on July 21, 2017, when Jin went out for groceries. When Deputy Phillip Corvello encountered Jin he started to yell at her about her jaywalking but Jin couldn’t hear him due to her being deaf. Corvello got closer and got Jin’s attention when Jin started to point to her ear while waving back and forth with the other hand to try to tell him he was deaf.

When other officers arrived on the scene they searched her and found an ID, a bus pass, and a card with her daughter’s name and phone number.

For some reason, Corvello violently threw her on the ground, put his foot and knee on her back and neck, and handcuffed her. Jin eventually went unconscious where she was handcuffed to an ambulance and taken to the hospital, the suit claims.

Jin claims she has suffered permanent brain damage and bruising to her body.

“Mrs. Jin was terrified, but at no point did she resist arrest or attempt to flee, nor could she due to her age and disabilities,” the complaint states. Jin prayed and repeatedly bowed in front of Corvello “in order to beg … for mercy and not to hurt her.”

The suit claims she was given a jaywalking ticket and a citation for resisting arrest but no paperwork or charges were found.

Just me ranting

This just infuriates me. What kind of cop needs backup to handle a 76-year-old lady. And why did he think he needed to slam her to the ground, she’s 76. If you can’t handle a 76-year-old lady who happens to be deaf a little more kindly and keep calm you shouldn’t be a cop. Also, what were the other cops doing? When you see someone throw a 76-year-old lady to the ground shouldn’t you intervene. All levels of incompetency shown here.

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