Yen Jit Wong
Photo: NBC Chicago

91 Year Old Yen Jit Wong Nearly Beaten To Death In Chinatown In Chicago

91-year-old, Yen Jit Wong, was assaulted in Chicago’s Chinatown when he was walking home after he finished lunch with his son. Wong, a longtime resident of the area was attacked Tuesday that left him with a broken collarbone and bleeding near his brain. The grandfather was rushed to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital where it appears he’s getting worse. Jacky Lau, Wong’s grandson told ABC7, “He’s gotten a lot weaker today. He hasn’t been able to speak to us very clearly. Hasn’t been able to eat. He hasn’t been able to sleep.”

Yen Jit Wong
Photo: NBC Chicago

After getting lunch with his son, Wong decided to take a stroll and walk home. While he was walking home he was viciously punched by a suspect. Wong ended up falling to the floor where his head hit the hard asphalt.

“Why would somebody assault him? Just for the thrill of it? Or I don’t even know,” Jeremi Yu, Wong’s grandson told ABC7.

“He’s one of the nicest men you can meet. Straight up on the street, he would ask if you ate. He would say hi. He would go out to you with coffee,” Lau told ABC7.

Yen Jit Wong
Yen Jit Wong’s GrandchildrenPhoto: ABC 7

Several people witnessed the attack and started screaming for help. An off-duty police sergeant named Deputy Eddie Garcia was in the area and he heard the screams. “I actually got flagged down by a female who witnessed the situation,” the officer told NBC Chicago news.

The officer called it in with the description of the suspect. The suspect, a 45-year-old man, was later captured. The police haven’t named the suspect yet and are unsure of the motive.

The Chinatown community was shocked but not surprised. They are seeing a rise in crime in the area. Dr. Kim Tee has organized a neighborhood watch but would like more officers to patrol the area.

chinatown safety patrol
Photo: NBC Chicago

“This is a coward act. Right now you don’t see any police patrol here at all. So I’m hoping the commander would send more units during day and night,” Dr. Kim Tee told NBC Chicago news. Even with the uptick in crime, many are still baffled as to why anyone would attack a 91-year-old.

Who the f**k hits a 91-year-old? How f**ked up do you have to be to hit an old person. This just disgusts me and infuriates me. Hope the guy spends the rest of his life in prison.



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