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A Japanese Woman Kane Tanaka Is The Worlds Oldest Person

Kane Tanaka is the worlds oldest person at the age of 115 years old. She was born on January 2, 1903, in Fukuoka, Japan. The woman credits faith in God as one of the keys to her longevity.

Tanaka had quite the life and she was always a fighter. Born prematurely she was wet-nursed to health. She had a normal childhood and when she got older she married Hideo Tanaka. They owned a store where they both worked selling rice cakes. But tragedy hit when World War 2 came along and both her husband and one of her sons died. Although grief-stricken she persisted. She took over the store and continued to sell rice cakes till the age of 63 when she retired.

When she was 103 she was diagnosed with colon cancer but she beat that disease continue on her long life. At the age of 113, she gave an interview with Japanese TV TNC. “Since I came here, I have no choice to but to work hard, I will do my best!” she said referring to the nursing home she lives in, in Fukuoka Prefecture Japan.

Tanaka is still considered to be in good health. She walks around with a stroller, plays piano, and is mentally sharp. Furthermore, she enjoys board games and three cans of coffee a day. Along with God, she credits family, hope, and good sleep for her long life. She wishes to stay alive for five more years.

kane tanaka

Tanaka became the worlds oldest person when another Japanese woman Chiyo Miyako passed away at the age of 117 years old on July 22, 2018.




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