Jenna Nguyen
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A Picture Of A Girl Holding Up Her Cousins Ring Goes Viral

A picture of a girl holding up her Cousin’s ring has gone viral. Twitter user @goodgaljenjen, real name Jenna Nguyen from Australia, posted up a pair of pictures on her Twitter account with the caption, “My cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her but she didn’t have her nails done lmao.” 

The first picture shows her cousin Diana Le and her boyfriend Jose kissing behind what appears to be Diana’s hand with an engagement ring in a close-up shot.

Jenna Nguyen
Twitter: @goodgaljenjen

The hand wasn’t Diana’s but rather Jenna’s hand with the ring on. Diana was embarrassed to use her hand because it wasn’t manicured so she used her cousin’s well-groomed hand.

Jenna Nguyen
Twitter: @goodgaljenjen

This tweet has almost a million likes, over 200,000 retweets, and over 4000 comments as of right now.

Jenna has clarified what exactly went down. In a tweet chain, she tweeted, “Hi everyone I’m so happy that you’re all sharing the joy of this special moment with us! To answer a couple of FAQ’s: Diana is a nurse so she never has her nails done. José planned this surprise proposal & couldn’t really get her to do her nails without raising suspicion”

“José convinced Diana that the celebration was for his parent’s wedding anniversary, before getting on his knees and revealing that it was all really for her! My girl organised HER OWN proposal party anyway there were photographers & that’s how this shot was captured”

After the tweet went viral most people got a good laugh out of it. Twitter user @Anisha_Vora replied “I laughed for like ten min at these pics”

@cryptoxunity tweeted, “This is hilarious @altsQ you doing this for me ya hand model.”

@CottonCandy tweeted, “This is what family is supposed to be about.”

However, there were some who thought that it was disrespectful and bad luck.

Twitter user @najo_nikki tweeted, “Nobody is putting my ring on but me”

@ImAngelia tweeted, “This is what I was thinking! The photo would be cropped or have to wait unit the next nail shop run.”

@Leannemo1 tweeted, “I would think it’s bad luck to have another woman put on the ring! My husband, the fiance, put it on my finger after my “yes” and it stayed there. Photos of my ring were not critical in the moment…rather the two of us in love and on the beach. Photos of the ring came later.”

The girls were interviewed on Sunrise Australia and Diana explained what happened. She told the hosts that after her fiance proposed she was not happy with the shots of her hand. She joked that she should have gotten her nails done and that’s when Jenna Nguyen stepped in and became her hand model.

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