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After their brothel got busted man finds out his 30 year old wife is actually 50

You’re a nice couple running a brothel in Wuhan China when all of a sudden the cops come bust you. Just when you think it couldn’t get worse you find out that your wife who you thought was 30 turns out to be actually 50. Well, that’s what happened to a 27 year old named Li and his wife.

According to the Chutian Metropolis Daily Li had been married to his wife Liu and they had been running a nail salon as a front for a brothel when the cops brought them in. When the cops tried to identify the wife, problems arose. Liu’s fake Id which stated she was born in 1988 did not match any of their databases. The police kept questioning the woman until she finally revealed who she was. Not a 30-year-old named Liu but a 50-year-old named Zhang born in 1968.

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The husband was shocked to find out that his wife was lying to him all this time. He knew her since he was 17 when she told him she was 20 when she actually was 40. When Liu’s sister was asked why she lied she said that her sister lied because she didn’t think Lu would marry such an old woman.

Unfortunately, the husband and wife will have to do six months in prison. Fortunately in that six months maybe he’ll cool down some and these lovebirds can rekindle their romance and start another brothel.

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