Elliot Del Valle
Norfolk Police

Alleged Burglar arrested for targeting Chinese restaurants

Norfolk police arrested a man who they suspect is a serial burglar who targeted mostly Chinese restaurants in Virginia. 40-year-old Elliot Del Valle was arrested on Friday after police said that he burglarized another Chinese restaurant, reports Wavy. He was arrested around 1:15 am after police found the “China Wok” restaurant had been burglarized. According to Wavy, this is the 11th restaurant the suspect allegedly burglarized in May.

According to WTKR, Elliot Del Valle allegedly burglarized eight Chinese restaurants in a two day period. Police said the crimes happened between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am. These are the eight Chinese restaurants.

  • China #1
  • Golden City
  • Golden China
  • Super China
  • China King
  • Golden City
  • Garden China
  • China Town

There were signs outside these restaurants noting there were surveillance videos in the buildings, but it didn’t deter the suspect. He allegedly broke in by shattering the front window.

chinese restaurant burglary
Surveillance video – WKTR

Del Valle isn’t just accused of burglarizing Chinese restaurants. He is also believed to have robbed the “Mayas” a Honduran Mexican restaurant according to Wavy.¬†Police said money was stolen from the cash register from these restaurants.

Del Valle sits at Norfolk City Jail without bail. He is charged with eight counts of burglary and seven counts of larceny.

Got to hand it to this guy. On one hand, it’s mighty impressive to hit eight Chinese restaurants in one night. It’s like Ocean’s 11 without the glamor or any big time money. On the other hand, there can’t be much money there. It would be interesting to see how much money this guy got robbing restaurants after they’re closed. It’s not like these restaurants keep most of their money overnight. It’s just some change in the register.

He should have quit while he was ahead. But he got greedy and went on. That’s what happens to the best of people. They always think they got one more good run but they usually don’t. He could have at least robbed one of those Chinese restaurants culturally appropriated by white people. There’s probably more money in that.

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