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American woman vs Vietnamese bar owners

A spit then slap

This video shows a woman spitting on who appears to be a Vietnamese bar owner then getting slapped. I have no idea why these three people are arguing, but from what I gathered it seems that the American woman entered the bar and used the bathroom without permission. In the video description using google translate, it says, “The incident happened in a bar in Vietnam when the girl entered the restaurant arbitrarily to use the toilet to clean dog litter under her shoes without consulting the owner.”

The best part of this video is it went from accusations of being hit to actually getting hit. This is like “The Secret,” you get what you ask for.

I would be pretty pissed off too if a person came into my bathroom and wiped dog feces on my pristine toilet. The bathroom is one way to assess the cleanliness of a restaurant. If a bathroom is dirty it can give a horrible impression of your establishment. Some customers might leave and you lose money. So it’s perfectly understandable if the owners lost their s**t if this woman left dog feces smeared all over the bathroom. Now violence isn’t the answer and hitting women is definitely not cool. But if someone spits on your face what are you going to do. The choices are:

  1. Be the better person and just walk away.
  2. Spit right back at them
  3. Or deliver five fingers to the face

If you chose number one, you’re more saintly than ninety percent of the population. So God bless you. I personally would have chosen number one too but more out of fear of getting beat up by a woman than being a good person.

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