Anchorwoman Chelsea Ambriz Fractures Another Anchorwoman Erica Bivens’ Skull In Fight

bivens and ambriz
Photo: WSAZ


Two TV anchors who work for the same television station and work on the same program got into a fight at an event called “Girls Night Out!” to end domestic violence against women. Half Japanese anchor Erica Bivens and weather anchor Chelsea Ambriz both work on the 4 PM newscast at WSAZ in Charleston, WV.

My Head Hurts Photo: Erica Bivens Youtube

The fight started at a local bar when Erica Bivens husband told her that Chelsea Ambriz had been hitting on him and acting “inappropriately” towards him. Bivens confronted Ambriz and that’s when an argument turned into them throwing fists reports FTVLIVE.  Ambriz got the better of Bivens when they pushed each other and Bivens took a nasty fall that ruptured her eardrum and fractured her skull.

Don’t Mess With These Hands B***h Photo: WSAC

The station they work for has not issued a statement but they scrubbed both of them off their website. The police have charged Ambriz with a misdemeanor count of battery which can land her up to a year in prison. Additionally, the Police has suggested that Bivens get a protective order against Ambriz.

bivnes and ambriz
Back when we faked liking each other Photo: WSAC


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