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Andrew Zimmern Fired From Travel Channel Shows

Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern has been fired from his Travel channel shows “Bizarre Foods” and “The Zimmern List”. This comes after Zimmern dissed Chinese restaurants in the Midwest. “I think I’m saving the souls of all people from having to dine at these horses**t restaurants masquerading as Chinese food that are in the Midwest,” he told Fast Company while promoting his new Chinese restaurant the “Lucky Cricket”. This comment along with several others did not go over so well with the Asian American community. The public and several writers called him out saying that his comments insulted Chinese restaurant owners and their food.

The backlash was large and swift and soon Zimmern issued an apology. “Let me start by saying most importantly how awful I feel and how sorry I am for my recent remarks. I am completely responsible for what I said and I want to apologize to anyone who was offended or hurt by those sound bites. Food should be for everyone, and yet culturally there is a terrible and centuries old history of white people profiting off of other cultures, in food, music, and elsewhere. The upset that is felt in the Chinese American community is reasonable, legitimate and understandable, and I regret that I have been the one to cause it. That is the very last thing I would ever want to do. And in this case neither intentions nor context matter. Feelings matter,” he wrote on Facebook.

The matter seemed to die down but it seems Andrew Zimmern lost two of his television shows following his insensitive¬†comments. His two shows on the Travel Channel, “Bizarre Foods” and “The Zimmern List” has both stopped filming midseason according to Page Six. However, the Travel Channel claims that Andrew Zimmern was not fired, rather moved to Saturday mornings. “The shows, along with other food content on Travel, will no longer air on prime time, but on Saturday mornings in rotation,” a rep for the Travel Channel said. “This decision came before Andrew’s comments were made.”¬†But why stop filming the show midseason? Nevertheless, Andrew Zimmern will still continue on his shows on the Cooking Channel and the Food Network.

Even though Andrew Zimmern issued an apology it was not enough. He should’ve issued an apology and ate a Chinese man’s penis to make up for his cultural appropriation and his insensitive remarks. All this because he wanted to sound hip in his interview with Fast Company to promote his “Lucky Cricket” Chinese restaurant. So now that his new restaurant is open in the Midwest, let’s see if it was worth it. On Yelp it holds a rating of 3 stars out of 5, and Asian Americans love yelping so let’s see what a couple of them got to say.

Randy R gave the restaurant one star and yelped, “The poorest imitation of chinese food we’ve EVER come across. It was tasteless, dry, and luke warm when brought to the table. Zimmerman needs to give up trying to impress people because he failed big time”

Meky W gave one star and yelped, “Oh man. Where do I start? Let’s start at the end, where we had to go to Mcdonald’s to wash out the terrible food taste from Lucky Cricket…Stay humble Zimmerman, stop hating on Asian restaurants in the Midwest because they can give you a few pointers or two.”

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