Asian Americans are giving these Democratic candidates the most money

The 2020 election is near and the Democrats are lining up to try to win the next presidential race. So far there have been 14 Democratic candidates who have thrown their name into the hat. As Asian Americans become a bigger force in the elections, who are they going to vote for? If money is any indicator, it looks like it’s either going to be Cory Booker or Tulsi Gabbard, according to AAPI. Cory Booker raised $394,923, while Tulsi Gabbard raised $390,155 from Asian donors. Kamala Harris came in a close third with $322,047.

asian donors

AAPI found that there was a total of 4,057 Asian donors who contributed a total of $1,788,850 up till April, according to the quarter FEC filings. California came in first with the most donations of any state contributing 33% of the hall. While New York came in with 14%, New Jersey with 12%, Texas with 9%, and all the other states with 31%.

Cory Booker got $152,294 from New Jersey, $89,575 from New York, and $80,321 from California.

Tulsi Gabbard received $145,163 from California, $60,240 from Texas, and $41,041 from New Jersey.

Kamala Harris made $192,734 from California, $47,400 from New York, and $19,258 from DC. If she wins she’ll be the first Indian – Black female president of the United States.

Andrew Yang, the man with the UBI plan, the man who’s going to use 3D holograms in his campaigns, cleared $47,879 from California, $19,412 from New York, and $8,964 from Illinois. If he wins, he’ll be the first Asian American president of the United States.

Now, considering that the term Asian American constitutes all different kinds of groups lumped into one, it’s hard to tell which group is donating to who. Plus it’s early and a little over 4000 donors don’t really mean much.

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