Asian home burglary
Brunswick PD

Asian business owners homes targeted for burglary in New Jersey

An alert has gone out warning Asian business owners that their homes are being targeted

On Sunday, a Chinese business owner’s home was burglarized on Jennifer Way in South Brunswick New Jersey. Police said that the suspect used a ladder to get to a second-floor window to enter the home. The burglar stole money, jewelry and ransacked the home. The owners of the home run a Chinese restaurant. According to Patch, “this may be part of a disturbing trend of break-ins and burglaries targeting Asian American business owners across the state.” 

On Monday, South Brunswick Police Chief Raymond Hayducka warned Asian business owners to be on the lookout. “On Sunday evening the owners of a Chinese Restaurant had their home broken into. The burglary appears to match a pattern around the State. We are working with various law enforcement agencies about the most recent burglary, but our best asset is an alert community.”

Sunday’s burglary is the latest in a string of burglaries targeting Asian American business owners homes. Morris County authorities put out an advisory in January to notify Asian business owners of the targeted crime spree. On Facebook, officers posted a “Community Crime Alert” with the heading “Residential Burglaries at the homes of Asian Restaurant/Business Owners”. This was after 5 homes were burglarized in the last 5 months. In each of the 5 burglaries, the suspects gained entry through the side of the rear of the house. The suspects ransacked the place and sometimes stole, birth certificates, passports, and other documents. Prior to the home burglary, an Asian business owner had their insurance card stolen from his vehicle.

Police are advising homeowners to be extra careful and follow these safety tips.

  • Lock the windows and doors to your residence.
  • Do not hide spare keys outside your home.
  • Lock your vehicle.
  • Keep vehicle documents in your wallet and not your car.
  • Do not leave large amounts of currency in your home.
  • If possible, secure important documents (birth certificates, passports…) in a safe deposit box or other secure location.
  • If you have a home security system, make sure it is turned on and operational with Cloud-based or off-site storage capability.
  • Report any suspicious activity (vehicles, people) at work/home to local police.
  • Inform your family, friends, and neighbors about these incidents and encourage them to report anything suspicious to local police.

Police are asking anyone who might have seen any unusual activity around the victim’s home on Sunday.

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