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Asian Chef Peter Rim Shot Dead In Chicago

Restaurant owner and chef, Peter Rim, was shot dead in Chicago, on Thursday. The popular chef was in the front passenger seat of his friend’s car when an SUV pulled up to them around 6:45 in the morning, on Thursday. Peter Rim’s friend, Kurt Anderson, who was in the back of the car said the shooter said something, but Rim who had hearing loss couldn’t understand. That’s when the shooter, a man in his mid to late 20s started shooting, hitting Rim in the head. “There was no provocation, Literally the guy just pulled up and started firing,” Anderson told the Chicago Tribune. Rim was taken to the Mount Sinai Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead at 10:57 a.m.

Peter Rim, 46, was the owner of three restaurants in Chicago, the Bistro Wasabi and El Cochino, in Lake in the Hills, and another Bistro Wasabi in Hoffman Estates. The Korean American chef was a beloved member of his community. His business partner Jeff Dunham told the Daily Herald, “I’m crushed. The guy was bigger than life. In 20 lifetimes, you wouldn’t meet a character like him, with a personality as big as they come. He was just amazing.” 

Peter Rim

Dunham found out about the shooting when their mutual friend, Kurt Anderson, called him right after Peter got shot. “He called me, literally screaming, that Peter had gotten shot. They were on the street, a car pulled up next to them. The guy was saying something to them. Peter opened the window and the guy shot five times,” Dunham said. Dunham went over to the Mount Sinai Hospital just before the ambulance carrying Peter arrived. He saw his friend alive but shot in the head, and he knew the outcome wasn’t going to be good. “He wasn’t dead when I got there. He was still alive, semi-stable. It’s kind of crazy. Thirty minutes later, the head of trauma came in and told me, ‘Look, it’s not good.'”

Peter Rim

“He loved everyone and everyone loved him,” Peter Rim’s younger brother, Steve Rim, told the Chicago Tribune. Steve recalled how his brother was going to be a mechanic when he was young because of his love of cars and motorcycles, but his interests changed when their cousin opened up a restaurant. Peter went to work there and fell in love with the restaurant business.

The police are checking surveillance video around the area of the homicide. They have not made any arrests so far.

Peter’s organs have been harvested and donated.

The “Bistro Wasabi” went on Facebook to tell their customers that Peter had died. “It saddens our hearts at Bistro Wasabi and El Cochino to say we have lost one of our own today. Peter Rim passed away this morning surrounded by loved ones…”

Almost 300 people have expressed their remorse and told stories of Peter.

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