Clem Ho
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Asian Man Clem Ho Thwarts Home Burglars With Smart Doorbell

A homeowner in Edmonton Canada has stopped two men from breaking into his home by yelling at them through his smart doorbell. Clem Ho got a notification on his smartphone that someone was at his door. He tapped into the live feed and found two burglars trying to break into his home. He managed to scare them off by shouting “get away from the door” through his smart doorbell, reports CTV News Edmonton. The video which shows the break-in attempt has now gone viral.

Clem Ho
Facebook: Clem Ho

Around 2 pm a man in a baseball cap, sunglasses, and safety vest walks up to Clem Ho’s house. He proceeds to knock on the door several times and checks to see if the door is unlocked.

Clem Ho

He peers through the window and knocks again. When he feels the coast is clear he takes a walkie-talkie out of his bag and radios his friend to tell him its okay.

Clem Ho

His friend in a blue sweater and baseball cap walks toward the house as the man in the safety vest puts on gloves. The man in the blue cap pulls out a screwdriver and hands it to his accomplice.

Clem Ho

The man with the safety vest jams the screwdriver into the door and tries to pry the door open.

Clem Ho

That’s when the two get the scare of their lives when they hear “Get away from the door!” The two quickly take off.

Clem Ho

Clem Ho told CTV News Edmonton, “By the time the second guy showed up, I knew it was a matter of seconds. Adrenaline was running high.”

He added that when he saw the screwdriver he had to take action. “He makes three or four really hard attempts. The first thing that popped into my mind was to say, ‘get away from the door'” 

By the time Clem Ho scares them off the door had actually come open.

Interesting enough he has his wife to thank for the failed burglary attempt on the house he and his family have been living in since 2000. Just a year ago he wanted to get rid of the security system to save some money but his wife wouldn’t have it. “Thankfully, she vetoed me.”

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