Asian woman calls police

Asian Woman Calls Police On Black Man For Smoking

Atlanta Black Star has posted a tweet that has gone viral. The video recorded by a black man in New York City, shows an Asian woman calling the police on his coworker for smoking a cigarette in a non-smoking area. The Asian woman in all black clothes and purple shoes has a baby with her in a¬†stroller as she talks to the police. The black man responds by saying, “You’re being a clown.”

asian lady calling the police

The two black man start to walk away when the Asian woman starts to follow them asking them to delete the video. The black man says, “Stop following me you’re harassing me.”

asian woman asking to delete the video
The moment you realize you’re going to be put on blast on the internet and called a racist

She replies, “Delete that, I’ll go away”

He replies back, “no you called the cops cause we’re smoking a cigarette so I’m, I’m videotaping you.”

She continues to follow them for several blocks begging him to delete the video.

The full video can be seen here.

Many have called her a racist and asked for her to be identified.


While some have called her an “honorary white woman”.


Now I hate people that smoke but I wouldn’t call the police on them. I wouldn’t even confront anyone about it. I even don’t know if she’s a racist or not as some people are claiming. She looks like the type to call the police on anyone regardless of race. But it was funny when it dawns on her that her face is going to be plastered all over the internet as she begs them to delete the video. Because she knows in this climate what the consequences are so good luck keeping your job.

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