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Asian Woman Demands Racist Game Aimed At Kids To Be Taken Off Shelves

Jessica Sun Lee, a Korean woman has called out a racist game aimed at kids. The game called ‘The Noodle Game!’ by Bananagrams which can be found in stores such as Target has come under fire by Jessica, a graphic artist and author. She created a petition on to get Target and other stores to remove the offensive game.

The game which comes in a package shaped like a Chinese food takeout box has a picture of a panda trying to catch noodles on one side. The other side has a picture of two white boys in martial arts uniforms with chopsticks fighting over noodles.

Many agreed with her.

@xhamonryex tweeted, “This is in line with western society’s attitude that it’s okay to be racist toward Asians, that it’s nothing and it’s just a joke, that if we speak up against this kind of BS, we’re taking things too personally or being too sensitive. Smh.”

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@mjamesSB tweeted, “Oh you have got be kidding me!! The Ralph Macchio wannabes are bad enough but even the panda cartoon! Ridiculous! I can’t stop shaking my head, hanging my head in shame. 2018 marketing?? Come on already”

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The box reads, “Open the takeout box of noodles and master the game of Chopsticks action. Use your skills to fill your plate, but be careful…don’t lose your noodle in a tug-of-war with your friends! The longer the noodle, the more it’s worth, but the easier it is to snatch!”

Jessica asked for empathy on her petition page.

“Imagine an Asian child being asked to play with this game with non-Asian kids who don’t know better than to copy what they see on the box. Asian American children already face prejudice, racial mockery, and sometimes violence due to stereotypical depictions like this. Large corporations such as Target need to do better.”

She even offered some advice on how to change the packing.

“Include a more diverse group of children playing the game, with at least one Asian Child.”

“Rather than martial arts costumes, have the kids dressed in casual American attire.”

She added more suggestions on her petition page.

Bananagrams Inc. and Target has since responded via Twitter.

Bananagrams tweeted, “Bananagrams takes all feedback very seriously. We acknowledge and thank you for your comments. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and did not intend to offend anyone. We are working with our partners to address and resolve the issue promptly and completely.”

Target tweeted, “It’s never our intention to offend our guests with the merchandise we carry. Your feedback is very important to us. We’ll make your comments available to the appropriate team for review. We appreciate the time you have taken to share your concerns with us.”

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Go sign the petition if you think the game should be repackaged. It needs 200 signatures and has 185 so far.

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