Asian Woman Gets Racially Abused By Stripper In Portland

A white woman started spewing racial abuse at Selina Cairel, a Filipino woman over a parking space in Portland. Selina Cairel posted the video of their interaction to her Facebook page which has now gone viral. Since then the internet went to work and found out that the woman’s name is Sierra Dawn Measelle.

After grabbing some donuts, Selina and her friends walked back to her car. When she started to back up she told the Daily Mail, “I got in my car and was about to back out when my sensors started ringing signaling somebody was behind me. They were there suddenly and I rolled my window down and apologized. Mind you I didn’t even come close to hitting them.”


That’s when Sierra Dawn Measelle pulled up next to her and started to do an Asian Accent and insulting her. “Next thing I know I heard her say in the most annoying stereotypical Asian accent, ‘she’s Asian, she can’t see. That’s why she can’t drive.'”

A lived Selina rolled her window down and asked her, “what her problem was”, at which Sierra pulled her window and started to record Selina. Selina in response pulled her phone out and started recording and that’s when the video starts.

“Before you say anything you might want to make sure you’re actual legals,” Sierra says.

Sierra continues racially berating Selina.

“And your parents probably had to work for f***king dirt,” she says with a smile on her face. Sierra pulls out of the parking spot and leaves.

An angry Selina says, “This is the kind of s**t I have to deal with in Portland.”

Selina decided to post the video because she wanted to show, “how people of color encounter this all the time. I wanna make sure she gets seen and her racist, ignorant behavior is exposed.”

Selina tells the Daily Mail that after the incident she started to cry, “Honestly, I started crying the whole way home. I called my parents at two thirty-ish and also called my dad in England the next day.”

It didn’t take long for the internet to find out who the woman was. They quickly identified that Sierra was a stripper and that she had a minor criminal record.


The online mob got out of control and started to post her address, phone number, and issuing threats. In a now deleted Facebook post, Selina said, “Please stop with sharing her address and the horrible threats, she’s an ignorant bigot but she doesn’t need her life to be threatened. Thank you guys!” The mob still persisted claiming she got what she deserved.

Eventually, Selina posted a new Facebook post, joking around showing her passport saying, “I promise I’m legal guys.”passport

As for Sierra, she privatized all her social networks and the strip clubs she allegedly worked at denies they ever hired her or planned on hiring her.

UPDATE: 9-17-2018 – Sierra Dawn Measelle has issued an apology.

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