Asian Woman Was Assaulted in Front of 85C Bakery Cafe In A Robbery Attempt

An Asian woman was assaulted in front of 85C Bakery Cafe in a robbery attempt in Houston Texas. The Asian woman was in her car when a man approaches the car and tries to steal from her reports ABC13. She fights back and gets violently attacked.

In the surveillance video, an Asian woman is parked in her Mercedes Benz sedan in front of 85C Bakery Cafe when a Dodge Charger pulls up behind her.


A hooded man runs up to the car and reaches in from the passenger side window trying to grab something.


When he couldn’t grab what he wants he runs over to the driver side of the car where he gets confronted by the driver. The suspect throws her down on the ground.


He then grabs her bag and takes off to the getaway car. But he returns and punches the Asian woman who has gotten back up in the face sending her back to the ground.


The suspect goes through her car again and finds nothing then decides to take off.


Finally, a second Asian woman gets out of the back of the Mercedes Benz and both women run inside the 85C Bakery Cafe.


Luckily the women didn’t suffer any serious injury. And the suspect did not take anything of value.

All photos by ABC13.

The full video can be seen below.

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