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Assistant Principal Mike White Apologizes For Referring To Female Dance Team As “Skanky Hoes”

An assistant principal of Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, CA, is facing some heat after he called some female students “skanky hoes”. Mike White was referring to the female senior’s dance group who wears black shorts, tank tops, and an oversized baseball jersey for their routines. His statement came to light when Keara Jacques posted on her Facebook page, “I’m disgusted to hear that the Assistant Principal and leadership head of MVHS called the senior girl’s dance group ‘skanky hoes’ for their attire: black athletic shorts, tank tops, and an oversized baseball jersey.

Why are the wopo(water polo) boys allowed to partake in a speedo run to the song ‘Sexy and I Know It’, but the girls are verbally abused for significantly less provocative outfits?

This is reprehensible, teenage girls are not sexual objects and deserve a school environment where they are treated with respect and encouraged to show school spirit,” reports El Estoque.

Mike White
Facebook: Keara Jacques

The post went viral and the students demanded answers.

Mike White issued an apology claiming that he made the remark because he was concerned.

“I am sincerely sorry for the language that I used when speaking of students during their preparation for their performance during Homecoming Week.

While what I said may have come from a place of concern, I should have expressed that concern very differently.

Upon realizing my error in judgment, I apologized directly to the students involved, my leadership class and the Monta Vista staff.

I hold myself to the same standard that I hold each student and adult in our community.

And so, when I have made a mistake, I take responsibility and work towards repairing the relationships affected,” he told the student magazine El Estoque.

A student with the pseudonym Beth, who was part of the dance team stated that Mr. White did use those words, but the context is incorrect. She stated that Jacques was not there when the incident occurred. Additionally, she said that Jacques’ version wasn’t the “full truth”. “Jacques published a version, like something that she thought happened, but that wasn’t the full truth,” she told El Estoque.

Monta Vista High School Female Dance Team
Photo: Zara Iqbal

Beth told the magazine that Mike White wanted the dancers to open up their jerseys so that people could see they had something on underneath. He was concerned that they would look like “skanky hoes” if people thought they had no clothes under their baggy baseball jerseys.

Still, Beth believes that the context ultimately doesn’t matter because the term “skanky hoes” shouldn’t have been used.

Monta Vista High School Female Dance Team
Photo: Sara Entezar

Since the incident has come to light, White issued direct apologies to the girls and to the staff. Principal, Ben Clausnitzer said, “I suppose the reality is that context is not an excuse. What occurred from an administrator on campus was not okay, it was inappropriate. While he was trying to protect kids, he did it in a poor way.”

Clausnitzer believes the apology was sufficient and doesn’t plan on administrating any disciplinary action against the vice principal.

While many students have accepted the apology, many are still infuriated by the incident. They believe it’s misogynistic and double standards are at play. They believe women at their school are facing sexism and being shamed for their appearance.

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