Shealen Uaiwa

B.J. Penn’s ex-girlfriend alleges years of physical and sexual abuse

UFC fighter B.J Penn had a restraining order filed against him by his ex-girlfriend Shealen Uaiwa, reports MMA Junkie. The restraining order was obtained last year in October and has been extended to October 8, 2021, recently. Shealen Uaiwa, who was in a 10-year-relationship with Penn, and has two daughters with him, alleges that Penn verbally, physically, and sexually abused her. Furthermore, she accuses Penn of threating to kill her and her family. When the restraining order was filed, Penn was not allowed to contact Uaiwa and had to stay 100 feet away from her. Since then, he is allowed limited contact with his ex-girlfriend through their lawyers and is allowed supervised visits with his two children.

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MMA Junkie obtained the written statement, attached to the protective order, by Shealen Uaiwa, which details several recent incidents of abuse by Penn. “I feel fearful for my safety and my childrens (sic) life, and for the influence he has over my children,” she wrote.

Shealen Uaiwa

Uaiwa wrote that she didn’t go to the authorities sooner because of the power he yielded. “…because of his name, reputation, the control he has had over my life and I was scared,” she wrote.

On October 9, 2018, Shealen Uaiwa filed a temporary restraining order and order of protection after she said Penn threatened her and her mother. She wrote he “came up to the car threatening my mother that he will kick her dumb (expletive) ass out of her house, he was harashing (sic) me and my mother with verbal abuse, calling us (expletive), manipulators, stealers. I was trying to get out of the driveway and he was making it hard like he wanted to attack me and my mom through the window. My children witnessed this incident.”

The incident got more belligerent and disturbing. She said Penn said, “because your (sic) not a man you think you can’t get knocked the (expletive) out.” After, she claimed that Penn threatened to kill her family.

Uaiwa claims that on October 5, their 11-year-old daughter told her that she would “rather jump off our balcony at our home than hang out with her father.”

Uaiwa said that the stem of Penn’s problem is his drug abuse. She wrote that he had been a drug addict since he was 14 years old and used his training camps to try to stay sober. She recalled one time that Penn was suicidal after she got cocaine on their oldest daughter.

Uaiwa wrote that Penn victimized and abused her repeatedly for years. Additionally, she said that he tried to get her to smoke marijuana and have sex with other men.

B.J Penn’s lawyer, John Schmidtke Jr. told MMA Junkie the records were “incomplete information.”

Penn has never been arrested or charged for drugs or for crimes against Uaiwa.

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