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Baby face bodybuilder dubbed “King Kong Barbie” is an internet sensation

A 5 ft1in bodybuilder is taking the internet by storm in China. 21-year-old, Cheng Lu, has gathered an impressive 300,000 followers and millions of views on Chinese social media platforms, by broadcasting her twice a day exercise routines. She has been nicknamed “King Kong Barbie” because of her baby doll face and muscular physique. Her fame came as a surprise to her as she has only been broadcasting for three months.

cheng lu

Cheng Lu of Fushun, China wasn’t always a health nut. But that all changed when her friend took her to watch a bodybuilding contest. She fell in love with the amazing and confident women who were competing and it gave her a new confidence.

king kong barbie

“I thought the women in the competition were very beautiful. They displayed a different sense of beauty and looked very healthy. That game left a deep impression on me,” she told the Daily Mail.

This contest and seeing those strong women moved her so much, she dedicated her life to it. She picked bodybuilding as a major when she entered Shenyang Sports College, a year and a half ago.

cheng lu

Now, she wants to challenge the stereotypical beauty standards dictated to Chinese women. “Traditionally, Chinese people think women should look weak to be beautiful, but who says we can’t do things men can do, just like Mulan in the ancient times,” she said.

This is a long way for King Kong Barbie who was a shy girl growing up. As her muscles got bigger so did her confidence. Any given day, thousands tune into her live streams to watch her show off her body by doing squats and lifting weights. Amazingly, she can squat 265 pounds which is twice her body weight.

Still, with all her accomplishments, she gets questioned about her body choices. “Many people say they don’t understand me, they can’t understand why a young woman like me would want to look muscular. They even say I wouldn’t be able to find a husband in the future,” she told the Daily Mail. “But I think different people are exposed to different social networks, therefore we all have different sense of beauty and value. I hope to achieve a healthy body and encourage people around me to do so too.”

Cheng Lu has an amazing body, without a doubt, but she’s not satisfied with it. She wants to increase her backside to compete in China’s version of the Miss Bum Bum competition.

cheng lu

Furthermore, King Kong Barbie hopes to enter more bodybuilding competitions in the future and win some awards. So far, the highest position she placed, was in fourth place at the China Body Building Association. “I don’t have any physical advantages compared to other bodybuilders,” she said. “That’s why I have to try harder.”

Photos by Cheng Lu aka “King Kong Barbie.”

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