Baby With Devils Horn
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Baby With Devils Horn After Botched Brain Surgery

Clyne Solano, a 22-month-old baby has been left with what looks like “devil horns” after brain surgery in March. The baby has a rare brain disorder called Hydranencephaly which causes the baby to have an undeveloped brain and an enlarged head filled with fluid. This medical condition causes a host of problems like seizures and vision problems. Moreover, the baby usually dies shortly after birth and there is no cure. The only treatment is to drain the fluid out of the brain to release tension.

Baby With Devils Horn

The little boy from the Philippines went to the hospital to undergo an operation to drain the fluid out of his head. Unfortunately, during the procedure, his skull collapsed where the skull wasn’t formed resulting in ridges that make him look like he has “devils horns”, reports the Daily Mail.

Clyne Solano

Clyne Solano is scheduled to have another surgery to repair the damage but his mom, Justine Gatarin, 21, is scared that her baby won’t make it. “I don’t want to proceed with it for now because I am afraid that my baby is not yet strong enough,” she said. “This is why I am having a hard time making a decision. If we don’t do it, his head will look like that for the rest of his life. Some people say his head resembles devil horns, but to us, there’s no doubt he is an angel. It breaks my heart to see him suffering.”

Baby With Devils Horn

The  Philippines Children’s Medical Center in Pasig, a city in Manila, is looking after Clyne Solano right now. During the surgery, his skull caved in at the spots where there was no brain or fluid. His condition is getting worse because his bones continue to grow. The baby is kept alive by a breathing tube and fed through a tube.

Clyne Solano

“My son already had the operation for his hydranencephaly. This made his head cave in the middle. 

‘To fix this, he will need a reconstructive surgery.

‘We sold almost everything we own to have enough money for the operation. But even after the operation we still have to go back to the hospital regularly.

‘The tube in his neck which allows him to breathe needs to be replaced every six months. I am sad to see my baby suffering like this. 

‘If only I could switch places with him I would do it right now. We will keep fighting for as long as Clyne does. 

‘And when he has no strength we will be there for him,” Justine said.

Justine remains hopeful even though everything seems to have gone wrong. She said, “We heard stories of babies with hydranencephaly living into their teens. Clyne’s so strong so I know he can do it.”

Doctors are optimistic too. They believe that despite the mishap, Clyne has a good prognosis. They will do another operation to change his tubes on November 6th and then go from there.

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