Baseball Pitcher Brings Out Asian Team Member So He Can Tell Hacky Racist Jokes

Holland and Ogawo


Derek Holland Told Hacky Asian Jokes On Television

San Franciso Giants pitcher Derek Holland is in some heat for doing a hacky Asian Impression when he went on MLB Network’s ‘Intentional Talk’ with Kevin Millar and Chris Rose on Wednesday. Accompanied by his “hype man”, team massage therapist Haro Ogawo, Holland and Ogawo did a comedy sketch where Holland impersonated a Japanese man.

The bit which entailed Holland introducing Ogawo as his “hype man” then proceeded to Holland asking Ogawo who his favorite player is and that’s when I say this bit sort of took a nose dive or a Kamaski dive. LOL LOL

“I can’t believe I flew all the way from Japan for this dummy”

Holland asks who his favorite player is,

Ogawo: “Niho”

Holland: “Ichiban”

Ogawo: “Number 1!”

Ogawo and Holland in his most cartoonish Asian Voice: “Mike Tyson!”

Then they bow in unison. Which got a couple of chuckles from the hosts of the show. The bit didn’t end there, throughout the interview Holland would ask Ogawo questions and when Ogawo answered Holland would say “much respect” as he bowed.

Check out the video here:

Holland Has Since Apologized

Now that brought up many people who were offended by the joke and as of now Derek Holland has apologized according to Deadspin,

“The Giants organization does not condone that type of behavior in any way,” Giants spokesperson Matt Chisholm told Deadspin. “We spoke to Derek regarding his interview yesterday and he completely understands the severity of the situation and he apologizes if it offended anyone. That was not his intention at all, but he’s taking full responsibility for it. It was not his intention at all to embarrass Haro.”

Chisholm said that Holland and Ogawa are friends, and that Holland has been to Japan and “speaks a little bit of the language.” “If you know Haro, these guys are friends in the clubhouse,” Chisholm said. “They both, you know, poke fun at one another. But, by no means at all is he trying to get across that he’s racist.”

Just My 2 Cents

The “speaks a little bit of language” should be the next “I’m not racist my wife is Asian”.

Making a racist joke doesn’t make you a racist and I don’t think Derek Holland is a racist. I just think he’s a little lot dumb. People say don’t judge a book by it’s cover but when the cover looks so stupid how can you not.

derek holland
“I can’t wear glasses cause my eyes are too close” photo courtesy of fangraph

He looks like his IQ is a couple points shy of Forrest Gump but I envy the guy. Just imagine how tasty cookies and ice cream is to him.

So don’t expect next level humor from this guy but he does have some kind of thing with Asians.

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MLB Network’s ‘Intentional Talk’ with Kevin Millar and Chris Rose



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