Beautiful Models Arguing Over Racism Is The Kind Of Entertainment I Like

On the E! television show Model Squad things got a little tense when the models started to discuss racism. The reality show which follows nine female models, Daniela Braga, Olivia Culpo, Hannah Ferguson, Ping Hue, Nadine Leopold, Caroline Lowe, Ashley Moore, Shanina Shaik, and Devon Windsor, saw some extra drama when the subject of diversity came up.

Shanina Shaik, a Lithuanian, Pakistani model, talked about how the industry was tough on girls of color, “I used to get bullied because of my skin color. I wasn’t gonna be able to do high fashion. A lot of black girls would have to miss Milan because they weren’t able to walk in the shows because they don’t want girls of that color.”

Shanina Shaik
Instagram: shaninamshaik

Ping Hue, a Chinese model tells the white girls, “I know it’s super hard to relate to.”

ping hue
Instagram: theonlyping


Devon Windsor, a blond white model, interjected by saying, “I literally f**king went through hell and literally lived in different countries like every other month. And didn’t speak that language, didn’t speak Paris, didn’t speak Italian. And I did that for like two years.”

devon windsor
Instagram: devwindsor


Ping Hue replies back with, “I don’t think you can relate to the turmoils of being different.”

Well, Devon Windsor had the perfect comeback for that. With a sad face, she said, “You know how hard it is to be blonde. I have to get a highlight every month!”

OMG, what a Becky. Comparing your blondness to the struggle of people of color is such a white girl moment. Well, it didn’t take long before the clip spread and everyone chimed in with their thoughts on the matter. Most people unsurprisingly was upset with Devon. Here are some of the comments.

@honeydijon: “So this just sums up white privilege. The fact that someone really thinks getting their hair colored to oppression based on skin color speaks volumes of a life lived in a world without oppression.”

@huyimariJesus: “what a mess, at least keep it together while the camera’s rolling. What an idiot”

@lirisc: “When you’re living in white privilege and don’t even realize it smh”

@thorlaug: “She is clueless. Wow. No, it is simply not the same. On behalf of white people that have a clue I’d like to apologize. That’s just not right.”

@wileykyliecoyote: “So ignorant and disrespectful. How can she actually sit there and complain about that when these women of color have had a struggle since before they were born?! It’s infuriating.”

@jazlin.a: “Don’t feel too bad. She said she doesn’t speak Paris. Thank God modeling saved her. Who knows where she would be…Highlight her hair pshhhhh I wish it was that easy”

Devon Windsor quickly issued an apology after the clip went viral. She said that it was a “joke” but she sees how it was “incredibly insensitive”. Additionally, she blamed the questionable editing. Noting that some of the conversation was cut out.

Fellow model on the show, Olivia Culpo came to Devon’s defense.

olivia culpo
Instagram: Oliviaculpo

That didn’t go over so well. People on her timeline proclaimed that she be “cancelled” along with Devon.

I’m pretty sure it is tricky editing and the white girl was making a joke. I just found the whole thing amusing and hilarious. I don’t have any kind of moral lesson to put on this hot mess so I’ll let Grace Mahary, another model on the show speak some truth.

“It’s important to listen. You don’t have to feel guilty, but you should listen. I feel like Devon was trying to say that she’s experienced being discriminated against. And I feel like in that time and place, girl, you don’t say that. You just listen to us and let us tell you. If you really want to know what’s discrimination, I’ll give you a book. I’ll give you my whole life story,” Mahary said in a follow up episode reports Teen Vogue.

Tears and Tissues. I wonder what Kelsey Merritt, a proud Filipino, and new Victoria Secret Model has to say about this.




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