Billionaire Jack Ma Says He Can Do This One Thing Better Than Bill Gates

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Photo: Bloomberg TV


Billionaire Jack Ma, founder of told Bloomberg TV that he can learn a lot from Bill Gates and he planned to follow in his footsteps. The man worth over 37 billion dollars said that he couldn’t be richer than Bill Gates but he can do one thing better. “… I can never be as rich as Bill Gates but one thing I can do better than him is retire earlier than him.” The former teacher plans to spend all his free time as a philanthropist once he retires as an executive from Alibaba.

Jack Ma has already set up the Jack Ma Foundation which focuses on education. The former English teacher believes education is the key to people succeeding in life. “…because I think education is so critical for the future,” he told Bloomberg TV in a sit-down interview. Additionally, he said that he misses teaching and he believes that the Jack Ma Foundation can be special in the way it teaches people, “I can do something that is from education field, I can do unique, different, and something in my Jack Ma mind.”

Jack Ma was one of the founders of Alibaba. He found the company in 1999 and saw the company rise to become one of the biggest companies in the world. The company is worth over 400 billion dollars and he has been the public face for it since it’s inception. He will be joining the ranks of other billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet engaging in philanthropy. Recently he told the winning women’s volleyball team at the Asian Games that he would pay for everything in their Taobao cart.


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