Patrick Shoon-Shiong Hates Social Media

Billionaire Patrick Shoon-Shiong Hates Social Media

Multi-Billionaire and new owner of the Los Angeles Times, Patrick Shoon-Shiong hates social media. In an interview with “Squawk Alley” he said, “I say it’s the cancer of our time and social media is a form of metastasis of news. We need to change that.” When asked about Facebook, Shoon-Shiong said, “If you look at Facebook it’s an advertising facing organization, which then can’t really differentiate from so-called fake news, real news, opinion news, and real news. And the short attention span we are now creating this millennium is actually very dangerous.” Shoon-Shiong who paid $500 million dollars for the Los Angeles Times would like to counter some of that with his newspaper. He wants his newspaper to “inspire, educate, and inform.”

Doctor and entrepreneur, Patrick Shoon-Shiong knows a lot about fighting cancer. He sold his biotechnology companies which specialized in fighting cancer and diabetes for billions. It’s true that social media can be an awful place but I still think he’s that old man shaking his fist. The whole “short attention span” statement is a tired statement that’s been said about anything that’s new. The older generation would harp on and on about how the younger generations minds are getting messed up by some form of new media. They said this about radio, television, and now the internet.

He’s 66 years old and he’s already accomplished more than I’ll ever accomplish and he’s 10 times smarter than me but I don’t think he truly understands what’s great about social media. Where else can we belittle other people and tear each other apart on such a feverish level? I love pretending to love people who put out melodramatic tweets so that I can be part of that group for just a second. Social media is the only place I know where I feel bad because some stranger has a much more interesting life than me then instantly feel better about myself because I could see someone’s life go down the toilet. Also, how can social media be so bad when you can see a goofy Australian get slapped by a seal with an octopus.

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