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British Man Oli London Spent $100000 On Plastic Surgery to Look Like Jimin Of BTS

A white British man has spent over $100000 on plastic surgery to look like his idol Jimin from BTS. Oli London, 28, first fell in love with K-Pop when he lived in S.Korea in 2013. It soon became an obsession and Jimin from BTS became his idol. “I want my entire lifestyle to revolve around K-pop and I want my entire look to look like Jimin the lead singer of BTS because for me he is perfection, his jaw shape, his lips, his voice, everything,” he tells Barcroft TV.

BTS is the world’s largest boy band with fans all over the world. Their fans call themselves the BTS Army and they obsess about everything the seven Korean boys do. But Oli London seems to be taking his worshipping to another level and especially toward Jimin, the lead singer of BTS. “I want to be him. I also have a crush on him. To be honest all K-Pop stars are all beautiful.”

oli and jimin
Oli and Jimin Side by Side

Oli first went under the knife when he was in Korea. He got a nose job and that was the beginning of his transformation into looking like a K-Pop idol. “Since I lived in Korea, all of the surgeries I’ve had have been to replicate a Korean K-pop star look. I love that kind of perfect image, they all look like dolls. They all look incredibly perfect and when I actually watch their videos I cry just because they are so beautiful.”

oli London
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Oli tells Barcroft TV that he had self-esteem issues when he was growing up. “I was always insecure because, to be honest, I had very bad acne when I was in school. I had a very, my nose was very big. That’s when I actually decided, look I need to change myself now and be a lot happier”

oli london
Oli London before surgery Image: Barcroft TV

When he looks at his old pictures he’s stunned that he doesn’t recognize his old self. “It’s very hard to look at it. I don’t even recognize the person. I just don’t even seem to relate to this person.”

oli london
Image: Barcroft TV
oli london
barcroft TV

Oli London, since his first nose job, has had three more surgeries on his nose, jawline surgery, a silicone chin implant, fat transfer to the cheeks, cheek fillers, lip fillers, botox injections, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), and fat removal from his chest, to get that K-Pop doll-like look. He recently got fillers in his eyelids, which could have turned him blind, to try to get “almond shape” eyes that Asians have.

oli london

Many people have called him out on all the surgeries he had trying to look Asian. He says to all his critics, “Well I am not exactly changing my race. I’m not saying I want to be Asian as such, however, I want to look like a K-Pop star and they happen to be Korean.”

He continues, “I just find them incredibly beautiful. I know I am always going to be Caucasian. I’m always going to be British but I would like to look as close as possible to Korean stars and Jimin.”

His friends and family are upset and worried about Oli. “They think I shouldn’t change anything but I’m extremely headstrong so if I want to make a change I’m going to do it.” His friend Stephanie Jackson states, “I really don’t want you to get to a point where you can’t undo anything.” 

oli london
Oli London and his friends

They disagree on whether Oli’s addicted or not. Oli says, “I’m not addicted.” His friends say, “I think we’re past that already.” Oil counters with, “I don’t think I’m addicted. I have a strong interest in pursuing my goal…I’m obsessed with Korea…I want to look Korean.”

oli london
Image: Barcroft Tv

His plastic surgeon Dr. Fararmarz Didar is not as worried as some of his friends. He says there are people who are “shoppers” who go from doctor to doctor to get plastic surgery but he doesn’t see that in Oli. “So in Oli’s case, if we did notice that this exists, body dysmorphic syndrome, we would have to say no. But Oli is a nice boy and he want’s to achieve something, unlike other ordinary people. I am quite happy to serve him.”

oli london
Image: Barcroft TV

Oli London plans on having more plastic surgery in the future. He states, “I don’t want to look like a normal person. I want to look like a K-Pop doll, just like Jimin.”

Check out his whole documentary below by Barcroft TV.

And if you want to follow him on Instagram go check out londonoli.

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