Brittney Schneider

Brittney Schneider Apologizes For Vandalizing Ancient Wall In Thailand

The two foreigners who face 10 years in prison after spray painting an ancient wall in Thailand are sorry for what they did. The detailed story can be found here. The short story is that two foreigners were caught on surveillance video vandalizing a historic wall, Tha Pae Gate, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A British boy named Lee Furlong tagged “Scouser Lee” while Canadian Brittney Schneider tagged, “B”. The two were quickly arrested the next day and now face 10 years in prison and a fine of $40,000.

Brittney Schneider

22-year-old Brittney Schneider gave an interview yesterday to CTV News where she explained what happened and expressed remorse for her actions. Schneider said that she was drunk with her friends when they happened to find a spray can by the wall. Lee Furlong picked up the can and tagged “Scouser Lee” a reference to Liverpudlians and his first name. Brittney grabbed the can and tagged “B” for her first name initial. “I came to as I finished writing the B and I stopped because I knew it was bad,” she said in an email interview with CTV News.  “But it was already too late.” 

Brittney Schneider
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After they were done tagging they went back to their hostel and passed out. “The next morning we woke up and were sitting beside the pool and I just remembered what we did and looked over to one of the guys from the night before and said, ‘OMG, we spray-painted a wall last night. I’m so scared we’re going to get in trouble,” she wrote.

Brittney Schneider

When the police came that morning she said, “My heart dropped. I knew. I walked downstairs, opened the door and there were like seven police officers standing there.”

“They showed me a video and asked if it was me in the video spray-painting the wall. I said, ‘Yes, it was me.”‘

She was arrested and taken to court the next day. “The judge said we could face up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of $40,000,” she said. “We had the chance to get bail that day, but it was too late at home so I couldn’t get the bail. I spent three nights in prison and got bailed out yesterday.”

Her mom has taken out a GofundMe page to help pay for the expenses that are sure to accrue. Her mother is asking for $15,000 and so far she has raised a little over $6000.

Brittney Schneider believes she should be punished but she thinks that prison is not necessary. She told CBC Radio’s Edmonton AM that, “A big fine definitely, but I don’t think I deserve prison for this. “What I did was wrong and I know that.” She told the host that she is “terrified” of prison because the conditions are horrible. “We slept on the floor. The toilets were awful and the food was awful. I didn’t eat for the four days I was in there.”

When asked what she learned she said, “Not to drink so much, and not to do stupid things, have more respect,” she told the host.

She seems to be backtracking from her statement that the spray painting was a form of “artistic expression” when she first got questioned. The threat of 10 years in prison will make you drop stupid excuses.

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