Bruce Willis Film Air Strike Cancelled
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Bruce Willis Film Air Strike Cancelled After Fan Bingbing Tax Scandal

Bruce Willis’s new film “Air Strike” has been canceled after Fan Bingbing’s tax scandal. Air Strike directed by Xiao Feng was a Chinese production about the bombing of Chongqing by the Japanese during World War 2. The official synopsis of the film is: “Bruce Willis headlines this pulse-pounding epic about the courage of China’s citizens during WWII. As a U.S. Army colonel (Willis) trains Chinese aviators to battle Japanese fighters, a hotheaded pilot begs to fly a powerful bomber that could stop the attacks. Meanwhile, a team of spies and refugees must carry a game-changing decoder device through the war-torn countryside. Also starring Adrien Brody and Rumer Willis, Air Strike portrays this historic conflict in a thrilling new light.”

The director of  Air Strike, Xiao Feng posted on his Weibo account that the release of his film was canceled reports USA Today. He said that he worked on the film eight years but it was “time to let go.” The film cost an estimated $65 million to make. Fan Bingbing who is now in deep crap in China over not paying taxes had a role in the movie. Fan Bingbing owes the Chinese government around $130 million in back taxes and penalties.

If one good thing came out of Fan Bingbing’s tax scandal is that this movie is canceled. It just looks like another white savior movie and who needs any more of those. I’m not against white savior movies if it’s a good movie, but this one just looks horrendous. Also when’s the last time Bruce Willis made a good movie. Maybe Unbreakable, but that was like 20 years ago. Bruce Willis is Die Hard, he played Butch in Pulp Fiction, but the last 20 years have been one crap movie after another. Come on Bruce, I’m hoping your other new movie Glass turns out good.

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