BTS And Nicki Minaj Make Beautiful Music Together



There have been rumors circulating that BTS had a collaboration with Nicki Minaj. Hallelujah, it turns out the rumors are true. BTS and Nicki, together, forever, dreams do come true.

Big Hit Entertainment, the label for BTS, announced that Nicki Minaj laid down some vocals on a version of the group’s new lead track called ‘Idol’. It’s like manna falling from the sky.

BTS, the Korean K-pop group, the Wu Tang Clan of Korea if they were born in a Mattel doll factory instead of the hood, reached out to the self-proclaimed “Queen of rap”, after the completion of their latest album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’, reports the Seoul Economic Daily. Was Cardi B not available? And Nicki Minaj agreed and now we have the highly anticipated single between Nicki and BTS.

cardi b
I make money move and Nicki off my throne

There have been rumors circulating that Nicki Minaj’s rain at the top is over. Vulture reports that Nicki’s latest tour had to cancel it’s first leg because of poor sales. As Nicki tries so desperately to hold onto that throne while Cardi B drags her out she’ll need those crazy K-POP fans and the BTS Army to do her evil deeds.

Check out the new song below.


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