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BTS Suga Defines What Kpop IS

BTS is taking over the world and taking Kpop to new levels. Before BTS, Kpop acts had a hard time succeeding outside Asia. Many acts tried to break into the American market but they failed. The problem with the previous groups was that they were changing their styles to make themselves more marketable to American tastes. They started to sing all their lyrics in English and abandon the Korean language. But BTS changed the game by not changing their style. They stuck to singing and rapping in Korean and let the music speak for them. There was no need for people to understand the lyrics when they felt the music.

But with all this success in America, many are wondering what exactly is Kpop. Is it a genre or is it just pop music originating from Korea. So when BTS attended a Q & A at the Grammy Museum when they were touring in America the question came up, reports Metro.

The museum’s executive director, Scott Goldman, asked them, “Do you think of Kpop as we know it here, our understanding of Kpop, as a genre? Do you think that it has qualities, separate and apart from other types of music?”

BTS Suga
Grammy Museum

BTS Suga took a moment to reflect on the question and decided he would be the one to answer the question. “I’m a little careful to talk about Kpop as a genre because I don’t want to be defining Kpop as a genre,” he said in Korean. “I’m a little wary of that. But I think rather than approach Kpop as a genre, a better approach would be ‘integrated content’.”

Suga continued with RM nodding in approval, “Kpop includes not just the music but the clothes, the makeup, the choreography. All of these elements I think sort of amalgamate together in a visual and auditory content package.

“That I think sets it apart from other music or maybe other genres. 

“So again, as I said, rather than approach Kpop as its own genre. I think approaching it as this integration of different content would be a better approach.”

Seems about right to me. What do you think? Do you think Suga got it right about Kpop or is he wrong?

Check out the full video below. However, if you just want to hear Suga’s answer skip to 20:45 of the video.


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