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“Buddha Boy” Investigated For Missing Followers

28-year-old Ram Bahadur Bomjan, “Buddha Boy”, is being investigated for the disappearance of some of his followers. The Nepali spirit leader became famous in 2005 when followers said he could meditate for months without water, food, or sleep. Word quickly spread of Bomjan’s abilities and his followers believed that he was the reincarnation of Buddha. Many flocked to see him in Nepal’s jungle where some of his followers have accused him of physical and sexual abuse. Now, police are investigating “Buddha Boy” for allegations, four of his members have vanished from his ashrams, reports The Guardian.

Last year, in September, an 18-year-old nun accused “Buddha Boy” of raping her, reports France 24. Since then a dozen more members have filed complaints that Ram Bahadur Bomjan assaulted them physically or sexually. Some members claimed that the Buddhist guru beat them for disturbing his meditation.

Four different families have filed a missing person’s report in Nepal after they haven’t heard from their loved ones for years. Uma Prasad Charurbedi, a spokesman for Nepal’s Central Investigation Bureau told AFP, “The police have started investigating these complaints against Bomjan. The investigation is in the preliminary stage and we¬†cannot share many details.”

Although Boham has been hit with many accusations of abuse, the Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha, an organization associated with the guru, has defended “Buddha Boy.” They claim that the allegations are a smear campaign against the guru created by the website Setopati.com. The website is known for bringing to light the stories of the victims.

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