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Buddhist master spins around to bless temple ends up vomiting

She spun for over 4 minutes

To bless a temple a Buddhist master is needed. So a Temple in Taiwan called Buddhist Master Huiyen to bless the holy site. And she came ready to play her role and bless it with her glorious spinning.

Master Huiyen

On Facebook, Master Huiyen posted a video of her bizarre blessing ceremony, reports Shanghaiist. The video which has gone viral shows Master Huiyen at a temple in central Nantou county. She’s dressed in a black robe as she starts spinning on the red carpet. In her hand is a water bottle with water spilling out. When a bottle goes empty, one of her assistants passes her another bottle.

For over 4 minutes the Master spins and spins with water spilling all over the place. Gentle music plays in the background as she gets dizzier and dizzier. All in all, this looks like they’re doing this for fun as her assistants start laughing as she gets more loopy. I counted 184 spins before she stops, takes a breath, and throws up. I got dizzy just watching her spin like a graceful ballerina. It’s actually amazing she twirled so much and didn’t drop to the floor earlier.

I thought this was some one-off thing and that she was doing it as a joke. But it turns out it’s her thing. She’s done this many times before and had no problems. Nevertheless, the spinning seemed to have finally caught up with her and she had to puke or maybe she was just sick but had to get it done like when Michael Jordan played with the flu. Still, a puking monk is better than a methed out monk. So count your blessings.

I got to respect the dedication even though I did laugh at the conclusion. It’s almost as funny as when a father spun his kid around and watched him repeatedly fall. The only thing funnier would have been if the kid puked.

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