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Buddhist monk loses Zen and beats up mentally handicapped man

This Buddhist monk needs to meditate more because violence is never the answer. Phra Sathit, 38, was captured on camera beating a mentally handicapped person named Nok, 30, at the Samut Prakan temple in Thailand. Sathit told Buddhist officials he beat the man because Nok was being “too rough” with his 6-year-old son. Since the incident, Sahit has been moved to another temple 50 miles away.

Viral Press: Nok

In the video, Sathit is seen chasing Nok before punching him in the face. Nok falls to the floor where Sahit repeatedly kicks him in the head. The Buddhist monk stops kicking him and Nok tries to flee again. But Sathit grabs him and throws him back on the ground, and kicks him in the head several more times.

Nok’s mother complained to the Buddhist officials at the temple about the assault that took place on April 8. Buddhist officials questioned Phra Sahit and he told them, “My son will ordain as monk in the summer and he was hurt by the way that he was playing with him I was angry and couldn’t control myself.” 

Phra Sathit
Viral Press: Phra Sathit

The Buddhist officials and the mother worked out a deal where she wouldn’t press charges if Sahit was transferred out of the temple, reports the Daily Mail. Because of this, Sahit moved 50 miles away to a temple in Chonburi, Thailand.

The abbot, Phra Adisak, said that Sahit was a beginner monk who had temper issues. He said that Sahit admitted to the incident and was apologetic about it.

“The young novice monk admitted what happened based on what we saw in the CCTV clip,” Adisak said. “He said he had a short temper and apologized. He has been a monk for two years now and done a lot of good work constantly renovation the temple. 

“But this was unacceptable and he has agreed to leave.”

The video went viral and caught the attention of the Phra Pradaeng District police. They said that they would talk to the parties involved and investigate the incident.

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