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Canada To Open First Sex Doll Brothel

Canada will be the home to the first sex doll brothel in North America. The owners stated that they got their inspiration after visiting Japan and seeing the sex doll business first hand. The brothel named Aura Dolls will open on September 8th in Toronto reports CityNews with six female dolls.

Claire Lee, the marketing director, told CityNews that, “We operate similar to a brothel where guests come in, they have their own room. We have a TV monitor that plays adult entertainment and a doll… will be ready and waiting for you in your room.”

Claire continues, “At the end of the day it’s just a doll. I see it more as a way for men to fulfill their fantasies.”

sex doll brothel
Where men will go with covered faces to have sex with dolls. photo courtesy of CityNews

There have been many critics of the brothel citing it can lead to the further dehumanization of women. While others like Monica Forrester, a sex worker advocate, see it as a positive as long as it opens up more dialogue and erases some of the stigma related to sex work.

“I think it’ll open up a bigger conversation hopefully around the decriminalization of sex work and the importance around how decriminalization will allow sex workers to work in safety, to have rights, and to validate that it’s a form of work,” she told CityNews.

Officials in Toronto have stated that the business is not licensed with the city because there is no permits allowing sex work or brothels. However, the owners of Aura Dolls claim that they have a license and they thoroughly looked into it. “We found that the only rule on anything that relates to what we do is that we can’t have dolls that look underage. They can’t be under a specific height limit. Besides that, there’s no restrictions.”

Sex doll brothels are already common in Europe and Japan and it just seems a matter of time before it hits the states. If that’s how you want to get off I see nothing wrong with it and more power to you. To each his own I guess.

Rates start at 80 dollars for half an hour with one doll. If you want more time or more dolls the prices will go up accordingly.

And to the ladies wondering what about us. Well, Aura Dolls have been getting a lot of requests for men dolls and they’re looking into it so start saving up some cash and plan your vacations accordingly.

Robots delivering pizzas in Korea and now dolls taking over sex work, there won’t be any jobs for the rest of us.

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