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Hero protects teenage girl from middle aged creep on airplane

A Canadian journalist is being applauded for her role in stopping an older man from sexually harassing a teenage girl. Joanna Chiu, the Bureau chief of The Star Vancouver, was on a Canadian flight on Monday when she witnessed an older man in his late 30’s hitting on a teenage girl, reports People. Chiu was coming back from a conference trip in North Carolina to her hometown of Vancouver when she noticed a Vancouver man talking to a girl who seemed to be in high school.

Chiu overheard their conversation which involved the man “teasing” her and asking “her out to eat.” However, when the man asked the teenage girl for a “dirty” picture, Chiu decided to intervene. Chiu recounted the event on her Twitter account.

“Thread about airplane creeps: I’m on a plane from a late-evening stopover from and was very tired and had a row to myself to sleep but couldn’t avoid noticing what was going on in the row behind me.

“A man appearing in his late thirties was obviously delighted to be seated next to a teenager separated from the rest of her family. He started off by asking about her career plans and laughed when she said she wanted to be CEO and kept giving her ridiculous advice.

“She was friendly and he seemed to take that as a welcome cue to get very familiar and started teasing her and kept saying that he wanted to take her out to eat, which she was ignoring. At this point I had to stay awake in case anything went further than that.

“It did, and as soon as he asked for a “dirty” photo while leaning close to her I turned around and rage-whispered exactly what I thought of that and he didn’t say anything back and went off to use the washroom.

While he was in the washroom another woman who witnessed the conversation between the man and the teen, told the girl that she could change seats and that if she needed help she would be there for her. Chiu in the meantime found a flight attendant and told her what happened.

The flight attendants gathered other witness accounts then told the man to move seats. This caused the man to curse at Joanna Chiu and demand to see the “boss.”

The head flight attendant told the man, “I’m the boss this is really serious and we could land the plane,” Joanna recounts.

The man ended up moving and the flight attendants checked up on the teenager before writing up a report on what happened.

Once the plane landed, Chiu said that the man was met by security. “Just walked off the plane and security was ready to pull him aside to talk to him and he looked like he was sweating bullets,” she tweeted.

The flight attendants wrote Joanna Chiu a thank you note for being vigilante and keeping the girl safe.

On top of that, Joanna caught the man’s name and the company that he worked for, and she said that she planned on sending them a note.

Her twitter thread blew up with many praising her for her actions. In her twitter thread, Joanna Chiu recalled when she was sexually harassed by men when she was on a plane when she was a young girl.

Other women started to respond to her tweet with stories of being sexually harassed on planes when they were younger. It also opened up a conversation on what passengers can do once they notice a man sexually harassing young girls. Most notably, men acknowledged that they didn’t know sexual harassment on planes were so common.

Amazing job by Joanna Chiu. It’s really alarming that there are creeps that are so oblivious that they would hit on a teenage girl on an airplane. It’s no surprise that recent studies show that sexual assault has been on the rise on airplanes. So please step up and do something if something seems off.

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