CEO In Singapore Gets 24 Strokes Of The Cane And 14 Years In Jail For Sexual Assault

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A CEO in Singapore was found guilty of sexually assaulting his son’s nine-year-old classmate. The 48 year old man who remains nameless due to a court order will serve 14 years in prison and get whipped 24 times by cane reports The Straits Times.

On October 31, 2015, the CEO had a Halloween party at his house followed by a sleepover. His son invited one of his friends over his house. After the party the two boys went to the son’s room and the son took the bottom bunk while his friend took the top bunk.

Around 11:15pm the father walked into the room and touched the then 9-year-olds genitals. The boy who was awake pretended to be asleep. The father left but came back two more times to perform oral sex on the boy. After the father left, the boy packed his things and told his friends parents that he felt sick and wanted to leave. The mother called the boy’s father.

When the father arrived the victim told his father what had happened. The father confronted the CEO, who denied what happened. Eventually, the father filed a police report on Nov 2.

It’s been almost three years but the young boy who is now 12 finally got some justice. The man who had been in jail since the beginning of the trial came in with a neck brace to his sentencing. His defense lawyer sought bail with intention to appeal. He said the man was too weak for prison due to a spinal condition as the result of falling off an elephant in 2011. The judge denied bail.

The boy still suffers from emotional stress from the incident. The boy’s mother told the court that her son keeps asking, “Why did God choose me to go through that? You know, it’s really unfair.” She also recalled how Halloween has now become a traumatic event. At a Halloween party at their house a year after the assault the boy cried for three hours.

This guy needs more time and a lot more strokes of the cane. This idiot only got 14 years and 24 strikes for sexually assaulting a kid. that seems lenient to me, especially for Singapore. Remember Michael Fay, the American kid that got caught for theft and vandalism in Singapore.

michael fay
Photo:CNN “They totally caned my ass but I never stole again.”

He got 6 strokes total. You’re telling me sexual assault is only 4 times worse than theft. It should be at least 10 times.

If you want to see what a caning looks like check this out but I warn you it’s pretty graphic. You’re going to see an ass get shredded.


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