Cheng Jhia-wen
Instagram: Jhiawen.cheng

Cheng Jhia-wen is named “Taiwan’s hottest teacher”

The 28 year old has become a viral sensation

Cheng Jhia-wen is the latest person to go viral and become the “hottest ____. ” The 28-year-old is a law student at Chinese Culture University but that’s not what makes her hot. Good looking students are a dime a dozen. What has made her blow up is that she teaches an elective called knowledge-based economy and intellectual property at the Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology in Taoyuan city, according to Apple Daily Taiwan. The teacher went viral after students snapped photos of the teacher and shared it on their social media reports the Daily Mail.

Cheng Jhia-wen

Cheng Jhia-wen

Since then she saw her Instagram followers jump to 93,000 with many commenting that they would go back to school for her. Her profile reads that besides studying law she enjoys playing the piano and flute.

She’s also athletic as she’s seen here playing golf.

Like any Asian girl she also likes throwing that peace sign.

Here she is enjoying food like the rest of us mortals.

First came “Taiwan’s hottest fishmonger” which was sort of a cheat because the women was an actual model and now we have “Taiwan’s hottest teacher.” I don’t know what’s sexier, having a blue-collar background as the fishmonger or a white collar background as this teacher. It’s unknown what Cheng Jhia-wen plans to do with this new found fame. But if she can become a professional model she should go for it because it’ll beat becoming a lawyer any day. Law’s boring unlike doing mountains of cocaine while traveling all over the world.

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