Chile’s Diego Valdes Made Racist Slant Eyes At Korean Fans

Chile’s Diego Valdes made racist slant eyes at a Korean fan during a fan meet and greet in Korea. In a photo that’s going around the Korean social networks, Valdes is pictured pulling his eyes back mocking Asian people while his Korean fan is standing right next to him reports the Korea Times. The fan did not know he was making the gesture until he saw the pictures later.

Chile’s soccer team arrived in South Korea to play the South Korean team in a friendly match at Suwon World Cup Stadium. Chile’s soccer team met with local Korean fans at a signing and that’s when Valdes made that racist pose. The fan told Sportal Korea, “I asked Chilean football players to have a photo taken with me. I did not know he made that gesture, which I found later.”

diego valdes
Diego Valdes

Once the photo made it’s way to the internet outrage erupted. Some said that the game should be boycotted while others believed the Chilean team should be kicked out of the country.

Valdes sensing the heat issued an apology, “In relation to the photography that appears in social networks, it was never my intention to offend and I offer my apologies to anyone that could have been offended.”

When the Chilean coach Reinaldo Rueda was asked about the incident he shrugged it off. “Are we going to talk about football or things not related to football?”

Photo: Fredy Builes Reuters

Valdes wasn’t the only Chilean soccer member to engage in racism in S. Korea. While walking the streets of S.Korea another Chilean soccer player recorded himself shouting, “Abre Los Ojos Weon” which means “Open Your Eyes Dudes” reports @Korfootballnews which you can see below.

But it seems that Korea will get the last laugh on Valdes because Son Heung Min made Valdes look like a fool early in the match.




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