Chinatown Jewelers Robbed
Photo: ABC7NY

Chinatown Jewelers Robbed At Gunpoint Caught On Surveillance Video

The Lucky Diamond Corp inside International Jewelers in Chinatown, Manhattan, New York was robbed on Tuesday in the afternoon. Two men entered the store and one of them pulled out a gun while the other started smashing and grabbing jewelry. The workers put their hands up and watched the men steal over $100,000 in jewelry.

Chinatown Jewelers Robbed
Closeup Of One Of The Suspects Photo:ABC7

The crime which was caught on surveillance video shows two men entering the store. One man immediately pulls out a gun.

Chinatown Jewelers Robbed

The gunman’s partner jumps over the counter and starts smashing the glass while the gunman blocks one of the customers from leaving.

Chinatown Jewelers Robbed

The gunman holds everyone up while his partner continues to stuff as much jewelry into his bag as possible.

Chinatown Jewelers Robbed

The two try to escape but the door is locked, so the gunman shoots the glass door shattering it.

Chinatown Jewelers Robbed

His partner kicks what’s remaining of the door and the two flee.

Chinatown Jewelers Robbed

In an interview with ABC7NY, designer Ka-Lai-Wong described what happened. “The gunman had said to his partner, ‘Do what you gotta to do, do what you gotta do,’ and he was just stuffing the bag with the trays of jewelry out of the window. Only afterward did I think, this could have been really disastrous for all of us inside,” Wong said. She believes that they cased the place because they knew exactly where to go to steal the higher priced items. “It was easier for him to get to all of those things. It’s also where all the higher priced things were.”

Designer Ka-Lai Wong
Photo: ABC7

The police are looking for the two men and a possible third accomplice.

For the full video and interview with Designer Ka-Lai Wong checkout ABC7NY.

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