Chinese Delivery Men Robbed At Gunpoint By Three Men In New Jersey

Chinese Delivery Men Robbed
Prospect Park PD


One man and two teenagers were charged with robbing two Chinese delivery men in New Jersey. 27-year-old William Nunn and two teenagers aged 16 and 17, face multiples charges of carjacking, possessionĀ of a weapon, burglary, armed robbery, and conspiracy, reports the Daily Voice.

Chinese Delivery Men Robbed
William Nunn Prospect Park PD

The first robbery happened on October 10, 2018. The men called the Belmont Dragon Chinese restaurant and asked for food delivery. Additionally, they asked the driver to bring change for $50. When the driver arrived at the delivery spot, the three men approached the car. One man pulled out a black handgun and demanded the delivery man to get out. Then they robbed him of his personalĀ belongings such as his money, smartphone, and drivers license. After, they jumped into the driver’s 2005 Camry and stole it.

The second robbery happened on October 20, 2018. The men used the same M.O. but this time targeted the King Garden Chinese restaurant in Prospect Park. However, this time they asked the restaurant to bring change for $100 instead of $50.

The deliveryman drove the food over to North 12th street where the three men were. One of the men pretended to pay for the food as the other accomplice pulled out his handgun. The driver drove off causing the three suspects to flee on foot.

The police were notified and an investigation was initiated. The police soon identified and arrested the three suspects. All three sit in jail waiting for their initial court hearing.


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