Chinese Family Gets Dragged Out Of Swedish Hotel

Chinese Family Gets Dragged Out Of Swedish Hotel By Swedish Police

A Chinese family was dragged out of the Generator Stockholm hostel after they refused to leave the lobby. It all started when a man called Zeng and his parents arrived at the hotel a little after midnight on September 2, 2018. The problem was that their check-in time was at 2 pm that day. So Zeng asked the receptionist if they could stay in the lobby until check-in time. Regrettably, the receptionist told them they had to leave reports the Global Times.

Zeng not knowing where to go told the receptionist that he would pay them if he was allowed to stay the night. His parents were sick and he just wanted them to sit on the chairs. Zeng claims the receptionist started to become rude and told them to leave or cops would be called.

Zeng and his parents didn’t leave and the cops were called. When the cops arrived, he showed them his parents prescription pills. Despite his pleas, the cops grabbed his father and dragged him out of the hotel and threw him on the ground. Zeng claimed his father started twitching but the cops did not offer any help.

Eventually, more cops arrived and took the family away. Zeng claimed they drove him and his parents around for an hour where they beat his parents. Moreover, he claimed that the cops kept asking them if they were refugees and said that they would abandon them in the woods.

The ride came to an end when the police dumped them near a cemetery. However, the nightmare did not end. Zeng says that he and his parents were freezing out in the cemetery and they heard wild animals. Luckily he was able to flag someone down to give him and his parents a ride back to Stockholm.

Once in Stockholm, Zeng reported the incident to the police and contacted the Chinese embassy. Right after, he left the country and flew back to China.

It’s been two weeks now and the Chinese embassy has issued a statement demanding an investigation into the police followed by an apology and compensation reports the SCMP. The embassy strongly condemned the actions of the police and asked for a response by the Swedish government. “We are deeply puzzled that Sweden’s government has not yet taken the initiative to give feedback to the Chinese government on this matter.”

The embassy has since issued a safety warning to all it’s citizens to be careful and be extra alert when visiting Sweden.

Stockholm police responded by saying they are looking into the matter.

Zeng wants the police to issue an apology and receive compensation for the abuse he and his parents suffered. Zeng said, “I could not imagine this happening in any modern country, especially Sweden, the hometown of the Nobel Prize. It is so sarcastic that they talk about human rights all the time.”


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