Cement Bag Wedding Dress

Chinese Farmer Makes An Amazing Cement Bag Wedding Dress

A Chinese farmer named Lili Tan has the internet going crazy with her wedding dress made out of 40 cement bags. The 28-year-old, who usually works the field, got the creative spark to make a wedding dress when she was rained in. She posted pictures of herself in the wedding dress on social media and that’s when she went viral. “I could probably get more likes and views online if I were prettier,” she told Pear Video.

Cement Bag Wedding Dress

Lili Tan lives in a village in Longnan city in China’s Gangsu province reports Oddity Central. She decided to make the dress when she was rained in from doing fieldwork. Using cement bags leftover after the contents of the bags were used to rebuild her home, she made the wedding dress and accessories in about three hours. Lili Tan has no education in fashion but that didn’t stop her from making the most talked about wedding dress of the year.

However, Lili Tan has no plans to actually walk down the aisle in the beautiful cement bag wedding dress because she’s been married since 2012.

I hope she pursues a fashion career. She’s obviously talented and her wedding dress is better than anything Vera Wang ever made.

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