Chinese man abused a doctor

Chinese Man Abused A Doctor Who Wouldn’t Treat His Injured Dog

A Chinese man by the name of Zhao went to an accident and emergency unit in Southern China and demanded that they treat his injured golden retriever. The medical staff refused treatment and told him to go to a vet instead. That’s when the Chinese man abused a doctor by grabbing his arm, filming him, and yelling at the man reports the SCMP.

When Zhao couldn’t find a vet in the middle of the night to help his dog he decided to go to the Guangxi Minzu Hospital. The busy hospital with many patients refused the request and that’s when Zhao went off on the staff. A doctor stepped in and told him no. That’s when Zhao grabbed the doctor and demanded he fix his dog.

chinese doctor

The doctor tells him, “You can’t do this. This is an A&E. I’ve got a lot of patients. Please leave. This isn’t a vet’s clinic. Don’t make a scene.”

Zhao kept getting more upset and kept harassing the doctor telling him that if the dog dies it was his responsibility. The man eventually went down on his knees and started crying. After a little while, the hospital security came and got rid of him. But before he left he threatened the doctor by saying that he’ll remember who the doctor was.

chinese man and his dog

The video which can be seen at the South China Morning Post shows the whole encounter.

After the video went viral the Nanning News interviewed a nurse named Lu, who was there that night. She corroborated what happened and added that she didn’t think the dog had serious injuries. “The golden retriever had a 6 to 7cm long wound on its left hind leg and wasn’t bleeding anymore. Which means it won’t affect the dog’s normal activities or threaten its life, so we suggested that he go to a vet. ” Lu said.

Police later found the man and detained him for 10 days.

All photos courtesy of SCMP.

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