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Chinese tourists fight each other UFC style

Two groups of Chinese tourists tried to beat each other down over a viewing spot on a mountain, reports the SCMP. The fight which took place last Thursday on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain was filmed by other tourists.

Guy in black shirt ready to knockout the red jacket guy

The Opponents

In one corner hailing from Kunming in Yulan province and in the other corner coming from Gutian in Fujian province, the fight will determine who wins the ideal spot for taking a picture.

Fight Analysis

When the film starts you see the guy in the black shirt has already knocked down one of the red jacket guys. The guy in black shirt starts to squares up on the other guy in the red jacket but he notices the guy that was knocked down start to get back up. So he backs up a little and throws a right.

chinese throws apunch

Unfortunately for the guy in black, his right gets blocked and that’s when the second guy jumps in and starts punching and kicking.


chinese shoulder roll
Man in black uses a shoulder roll to evade getting punched in the face

The man in the black shirt shows great elusiveness and defensive skills while getting off shots of his own.

chinese fire back
After showing good defense he winds up to throw a haymaker

He gets a couple shots in but they don’t have the same snap as they used to. Maybe he’s gassed from the altitude or maybe he’s out of shape or both. But that doesn’t matter because his friend in a gray shirt decides to jump in and throw some punches.


Check out the whole video at SCMP

The Aftermath

The cops came and eventually stopped the fighting. No serious injuries were reported.

Lijiang Yulong police released a statement, “After police investigations and intervention, both sides realized their faults.”

My final verdict is that the guy in black won. He held down two guys for a while and got in more shots. So today’s champion is the man in the black shirt.




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