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Christina Ignatius Receives Internet Backlash Over Anti-Asian Racist Comments

Christina Ignatius Wrote Anti-Asian Comments On Facebook

The self-proclaimed, ‘the most well-known, most respected, and most requested law tutor in the nation’, Christina Ignatius is getting heat after she posted racist comments on the Chapman Law Alumni Facebook page. Christina took to Facebook after she heard about the movie Crazy Rich Asians coming out to go on a diatribe against Asians in Orange County. Her rant is laced with stereotypes of Asians and the fear that Asians are taking over Orange County reports Yahoo.

christina ignatius
Photo: Instagram:wrongfuldeathlawyer

Christina Ignatius, Chapman law graduate, wrote about Asians taking over the mall at South Coast Plaza. Their rudeness, ‘They have a zoned-in personality where thy act as if no one else exists and they just run straight in front of you to grab the next purse’, she wrote describing what it’s like shopping with Asians at luxury brand stores like Fendi.

Christina continues to then make fun of the way Asians drive writing how Asians will cut you off, ‘That’s why we have the term “driving like an Asian.”‘

“They keep telling me that they are attending UCRA. I need to translate that into my head to deduce that they are going to UCLA,” she wrote continuing with old Asian stereotypes.

Christina goes on to tell about her time at UCI and how Asians ‘flooded’ that school because their kids were taught by ‘tiger moms’ to be a ‘docta’. She continues to say that their ‘tiger moms’ encouraged the ones that weren’t smart enough to become doctors, to marry a doctor and if you couldn’t marry a doctor to marry a lawyer. Additionally, she says, “Yes, my sucker Caucasian male lawyer friends who married Asian women were completely poached for dollars and earning potential.”

Christina Ignatius

It didn’t end there, Christina Ignatius continues by asserting that there’s no way you can go to avoid Asians. “If you thought you could get away from them for a hot second and go on vacation to Yosemite, think again. They came in huge buses and stood in front of each waterfall to give the peace sign in their selfies.”

Christina finally concludes with, “From one annoying thing to another, welcome the Asians!”

Christina Ignatius Says She Loves Asian People

When her statements went viral she went on to defend her comments in a post which is now deleted. In her post, she claimed to just be having fun with stereotypes and she doesn’t hate Asians but actually loves them.

“So I posted something funny about Crazy Rich Asians. Apparently, it was so provocative that it was considered abuse. I had no idea talking about stereotypes would be so provocative. Somehow my post goes down… By the way, I do not hate Asians. I really love them and I find differences to be funny and interesting,” she wrote while finishing off her post with a youtube video called ‘S*** Asian Moms Say’ by JustKiddingFilms.

Well, the internet went on a scavenger hunt and combed this woman’s past and found some interesting yet not surprising comments. For a person who at the very least finds Asians annoying, she sure likes Asian products especially their food.

christina ignacious
Photo: Instagram- wrongfuldeathlawyer

“…I chased down a guy on a skateboard to ask him where he got his boba drink. He made a screeching halt, so hard that his arms went up in the air as if he wanted to give it to me. Then I said “oh, you want to give me your own boba?!…”, Christina wrote on Feb 13, 2017, on her Instagram.

“UCHI SUSHI IN DALLAS: This place gets five stars from me, hands down. If there are 10 stars available, they get that from me too! I’m not even sure if Nobu can beat it out….,” she raves about some sushi joint.

Lessons To Be Learned

If she wanted to go on a racist tirade Christina Ignatius should have learned from all the other people that went on racist tirades. Do that in private and don’t post your dumb comments on the web. Not hard but it reminds me of a saying, “a smart man learns from his mistake while a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” I don’t know where I got that statement from but we shall see in the near future if she’s smart or not. Or maybe she’ll freak out like this white girl in a nail salon.

In conclusion, many have called for her to be disbarred and for her career to come to a screeching end. And if everything goes wrong, looking the way she looks she could get a job as a sex doll in Canada. However, I have to give this woman some respect because even though she’s¬†getting dragged by the internet she still has her Instagram and Facebook up. That takes heart, unlike all those other people who got caught saying nasty things then disappearing. So you go, girl. Oh and out of self-respect please don’t go on television with white girl tears and play the victim.

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