Conan O’ Brien Fulfilled Japanese Mayors Demands In An Ongoing War

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Photo courtesy of The Conan O' Brien Show


There’s been an ongoing war between Conan O’ Brien and a Japanese Mayor over an anime named ‘Detective Conan’. For the full story check it out hereThe quick summary is that Conan O’ Brien believes that ‘Detective Conan’ was a ripoff of him and so he felt that he was entitled to three trillion yen. Conan targeted the town of Hokuei, nicknamed ‘Conan Town’ in Japan due to it being the birthplace of the creator of ‘Detective Conan’. The mayor got wind of this and issued demands of his own if Conan O’ Brien wanted to see the money. So Conan O’ Brien fulfilled the Japanese Mayors demands and now he’s going to Japan to collect his money.

The first of three demands the mayor of Hokuei asked for was that his face be put on Mount Rushmore next to Lincoln. Conan replied, “You wanted your face on Mount Rushmore. I’ll do one better. Instead of sharing Rushmore with four other people. Who wants thats? I got you your very own mountain, right here in Burbank California”.

Conan 0' Brien
Photo courtesy of The Conan O’ Brien Show

The mayor’s second demand was for a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Conan replied, “I’ve made one or two phone calls, went right to the top and I easily got you your star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

Photo courtesy of The Conan O’ Brien show

The third demand made by the mayor was for 15000 hamburgers for everyone in his town. Conan saw a problem with that because he didn’t know how everyone liked their burgers so he decided to ship the raw ingredients.

photo courtesy of The Conan Show

With all three demands met, Conan declared he’s going over to Japan next week to collect his money.


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